Yarra Valley Dress Hire Branding

Yarra Valley Dress Hire
September 2022

We produced a complete branding suite for a high-end dress hire business based in Lilydale VIC, called Yarra Valley Dress Hire (YVDH).

Yarra Valley Dress Hire, or YVDH in short-form, is a new business in Lilydale, located in the Yarra Valley region of Victoria. YVDH provides high-end dress hire, gifting, fashion and beauty services via their new online platform that is currently in development. Spacey Studios was hired by YVDH to design a complete branding system for the new company, including a logo design package, as well as brand style guidelines documentation for consistent and concise collateral.

The Branding

To tie in with their local roots in the famous wine country, the YVDH brand has been developed featuring a subtle vine through the letter ‘H’ to relate to a winery vineyard. This adds an elegant and minimal regional touch to the design without taking the attention away from the name and overall meaning of the brand.

Brand Colours

Yarra Valley Dress Hire has been developed with a gentle, feminine colour palette. With the soft tones of Leyla Rose, and the bold attitude introduced by Elegant Black, this brand holds a balanced look and feel to establish a well rounded palette that resonates with consumers.

In some placements, a calming white tone is introduced to replace the black, providing a softer variation of the branding in placements when a subtle approach is required.


For the brand guidelines, we integrated a typography system by utilising FeedBack Modern Sans by Okamitix for headings, combining it with Metrisch by formikalabs for paragraph typefaces.

FeedBack Modern Sans by Okamitix

FeedBack by Okamitix is a modern sans with simple clean, and elegance, inspired by the cooperplate pen with tail. Specially designed for elegant-themed brands, perfectly suitable for creating simple, clean, lifestyle designs.

Metrisch by formikalabs

Metrisch by formikalabs is a new sans serif typefamily of seven weights plus seven italics uprights in each weights. The typefaces are designed based on traditional geometric construction that have been built with letter size wider, the x-heights taller and short descender that almost proportioned with the basic letter shape.

With little details added like clean vertical cuts on the terminals and optimized sharp corners that makes this fonts smooth and refined looks. It was represents the flavor of the most common humanist typefaces style and grotesk feels.

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