Urbanity Premium Detailing Website

Sleek, sophisticated and premium – the words to describe the creative direction taken for the new custom WordPress website for Melbourne-based Urbanity Premium Detailing.

Urbanity Premium Detailing (UPD) is a high-end vehicle detailing business from the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. They provide a range of detailing services, including ceramic coating, paint correction, window tinting and more.

We have worked extensively with UPD in the past, but this one was one of the most exciting projects yet. The UPD team ultimately gave us free creative direction, with three key ideas in mind – sleek, sophisticated and premium. This design was the result of our creative vision to perfectly align with their brand strategy and overall aesthetic.

Urbanity previously had a more basic site built by our team, which suited their needs at that stage in their business, but as the business continued to thrive, it was time to level up. We took the existing site and completely redesigned and developed it from the ground up. Utilising some of the existing content, we gave the entire WordPress site a face lift and better aligned it with the high-end luxury experienced when you pick up your freshly detailed ride at UPD.

This new site introduced a range of new content to the website, including some landing pages for their key services and product partners, along with detailed information about their processes and a dynamic gallery connected to their regularly updated Instagram channel.

We were stoked with the outcome of this project and we’ve been far too excited to show it off.

We haven’t collected a full testimonial from UPD yet, but we have a few quotes made throughout the process. For the purpose of authenticity, in the true (unedited, but censored) words of Jack Lebner, the director of Urbanity Premium Detailing, he said:

  • Mate, that’s f*ing INSANE, I’ve shown a few people so far and I’ve never seen better reactions. I cannot explain how proud I am already!
  • That all looks incredible
  • I’m so keen, I can’t explain how happy I am with the work
  • Mate, I’m f*ing in love, this is easily the best work I’ve seen
  • Absolutely legendary
  • “Can’t express how happy I am with it all”
  • “There’s very few things I’d invest in at times like this, but work by you is ALWAYS worth it”
  • “The website has been insane. People have been such massive fans of it. I cannot thank you enough to be honest!”

… statements like this could be even better than a formal testimonial, am I right?

Explore the new website at and take a look around for yourself!

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