Facade Industries Website

Facade Industries Pty Ltd
November 2022

Façade Industries is a unique façade consultancy firm established in 1989. Until now, they didn’t have a website to promote their projects or services.

Established in 1989, Façade Industries has developed as a unique façade consultancy firm with a diverse portfolio of clients and projects that includes some of the most creative architects, developers and builders both nationally and internationally.

Until now, Façade Industries didn’t have a website or online presence to showcase their work. Their team came to us with the need of developing a unique solution to show their projects to prospective clients that may be looking for a specialist in their field.

Building the site on WordPress allowed us to develop a website that the Façade Industries team can publish their work with ease. We built a custom content type into the WordPress platform to allow various key details to be published to each projects. We also connected various integrations into the website to optimise the speed, performance, security and the overall user-experience (UX).

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