January 04, 2022
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Why Eye-Catching Packaging Design Is Important

Standing out on the shelf can be tough when there are so many competitors. That’s why eye-catching packaging design is so important to your product marketing strategy.

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The Design Team

Why do we buy certain products? I’m sure most brands would love to know the answer to this magical question. It’s understood that humans are very visual beings, but there is a whole psychology around why consumers choose specific products and brands, with packaging design being high up on the list.

The Eyes Are The Windows To The Wallet

We’ve all had those times when we have headed to the shop to pick up milk and bread, but we came home with other stuff. Why did we do this? Because the products caught our eye on the shelf!

When buying gifts, we often look for the brand that looks the most luxurious, on trend or one that matches the style of the person you’re buying for. Packaging not only showcases the product, but also represents everything that the product is about.

“We all want to believe that consumers make decisions on products and services strictly based on merit, with the best one winning. In spite of that hope, psychologists and retailers agree that in many cases this just isn’t true. Quality aside, sometimes the flashier, prettier or sexier product wins the day.”

Megan Sullivan: The Psychology of Product Packaging

Connection To The Product

Can you think of a time when you really wanted a specific present? Perhaps all you could dream about was Christmas morning and opening the wrapping paper to reveal a crisp white box with a familiar picture of an apple on it? Then, when you realised your dream had come true of finally owning an iPhone – what did you feel in that moment?

I’m not sure you would have had that same emotion if your brand new Apple product was in a plain cardboard box though. The packaging design is a key element to the overall product experience.

Packaging design is not only a logo and some colours – it’s a feeling and emotional connection. It’s what people recognise and can attach certain memories to. It’s the aqua green Tiffany & Co box when you get engaged, or the white tick on top of the box of those new Nike shoes.

Your packaging design not only helps people recognise your product, it also connects people to your brand.

Standing Out From The Crowd

With an abundance of products on the market today, it can be tough to stand out from the crowd. Especially in retail stores where your product is competing with alternatives on the shelf right next to you. However, your packaging design has the opportunity to really make an impact in this space because it’s often the first place your brand gets recognised.

Not only does your packaging have to be aimed at your target market, but it also needs to be eye-catching enough to intrigue people outside your core audience (and hopefully make its way into their shopping cart).

What Your Brand Stands For

Although a large majority of consumers purchase items because they are visually appealing, you still need to ensure that your eye-catching packaging design incorporates all the aspects of your product that are also important to your brand and target customer.

Features like: what your product stands for, dietary advantages, recyclable materials, if you support a charity, and so forth, are all factors you should consider in your design.

These attributes may also entice a buyer to choose your brand over another, if they’re marketed well on your packaging. When it comes to the decision making process, your packaging could lead you to be the winner as consumers compare your product to another.

Unlike a sales pitch or a buyer meeting, your product will not have you there to sing its praises when it’s sitting on the store shelf or an eCommerce page. Your product packaging needs to be so appealing and informative that it can shine all on it’s own (and drive sales for you too).

Eye-Catching Packaging Design For Your Product

If you need some assistance to develop some fresh packaging design for your business’ product range, feel free to get in touch with the Spacey Studios team to discuss your needs. We love collaborating with brands to establish a strong presence in the retail space through our modern packaging design solutions.