March 11, 2021
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The True Benefits of Out-Of-Home Advertising

Traditional media is now flexible. Spacey Studios can diversify your marketing strategy with out-of-home advertising solutions, including billboards, retail and fitness advertising.

Ben Roberts, Director of Spacey Studios
Ben Roberts

38% of peoples’ day is spent away from the home and workplace (USA TouchPoints Report, 2012), which is why we have partnered up with CAASie to conquer out-of-home (OOH) advertising solutions, as one of their agency partners. 

All the emphasis nowadays seems to be on the digital age of business. Although that’s a good thing, we can’t forget about the ones who have stuck by us through time – traditional media.

Don’t worry, we are not here to say, “forget everything you know”, but just want you to rethink your advertising strategy a little. 

The average commute time is 67 minutes per day in Australia (HILDA Survey Statistical Report, 2019). Technology and consumers are learning to block out ads, sustainability trends are steering people towards public transport, and experience seekers are fighting their phone addictions, creating even more opportunity for out-of-home advertising. 

Facebook’s combination of digital and outdoor ads increased purchase intent by 38% (Facebook IQ, 2019). Expand your marketing strategy and increase brand awareness when consumers aren’t online with OOH. Your business may have a very broad target market with a product or service that most of us need. We know this can be a marketing double-edged sword! With so many people to reach, how do you target them? Out-of-home advertising might be the answer for you. 

In saying that, there are still plenty of opportunities to target a niche audience. The digitalisation of the advertising process means that we can control the timing and placement of your campaigns to meet all of these needs, while still utilising the traditional marketing channels. 

Old-fashioned traditional media still has so much to offer, and thanks to our partners CAASie, it’s more flexible and efficient than ever before. We can put your content on the big screen across billboards, retail screens, transit and public transport screens, fuel pumps, fitness centres and more!

So, forget lengthy contracts and negotiations with billboard agents, the simplicity of out-of-home advertising with us can’t be beaten. Once your campaign content is ready to go, we can get your message on to the streets on that same day.

Our OOH solutions are like Facebook ads, but for billboards and digital screens in public places your customers visit every day.

Contact us today to see how we can assist with your out of home advertising needs.