December 06, 2021
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How A Graphic Designer Helps Your Business Grow

When it comes to establishing your brand identity, this can be one of the most important aspects of your business journey. So why should you hire an expert? Find out here.

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When setting up a business there’s usually endless hours of planning and brainstorming for what your product or service will be, how you’ll operate, who your clients will be, and most importantly, what your brand will stand for.

A brand’s identity is established via many means; this doesn’t just include the main aspects of branding, such as the logo, colours and typefaces. It also involves your brand communication style, brand imagery and visual assets, your website user experience, and the philosophy behind your entire brand existence.

Graphic designers are often the ones who make your business’ impression a memorable one.

Here is how:

Visual Identity

Graphic designers are the experts when it comes to creating eye-catching, visually appealing marketing material for your brand, which happens to be a lot more important than you may think.

Did you know that color improves brand recognition by up to 80 percent? That’s a huge statistic if you’re unsure about which colour palette is going to represent your business. It’s not just colours though. Graphic designers will also select the perfect text styles, visual graphics and a professional logo that will ensure your brand is a stand out.

Think of all the times you’ve searched for a business name, then you’ve seen their logo or website and thought they looked too unprofessional to do business with.

Colours, logos, fonts and the overall look and feel of your brand will make a huge difference when making a first impression.


You have your logo looking amazing, your social pages are going strong and then you create your website, but nothing is flowing quite as well as it should be.

Graphic designers are wonderful at creating consistency across all elements of your brand. Not only do they ensure that all the visual elements are the same, (you’d be amazed at how many shades of pink there are), but they create consistency in the sense of what your business represents.

For example: If you have a super cool, totally on trend, fun business, but your website is purely professional, dull and a little bit boring, website viewers will not understand your brand and what you stand for.

Graphic designers help keep elements (like your website) in line with your business’ reputation by making these platforms speak to your customers the way you want them to.

Looking The Part

With so many businesses and entrepreneurs in today’s market, it can be a challenge to stand out from the crowd, so getting the basics right is more important than ever.

One of the biggest fundamentals of business is professionalism. Nobody wants to employ a company that looks like they don’t know what they’re doing.

A blurry photo, a crazy font or a website link that leads to an error page can all be make or break when it comes to your opportunities and winning a new client.

Graphic designers are trained and have the tools to ensure that your brand is always looking legitimate, professional and functional, while aligning with your target audience.

Website Design & Development

This is a big one… A quality graphic designer can not only design an engaging website for you, but they’re also savvy in SEO, sourcing imagery and integrating your website and marketing tools such as landing pages, newsletters, online advertising and your social media.

They are excellent in knowing what types of widgets and add ons you need to optimise your website, making the experience of browsing your business online an easy (and hopefully memorable) one for your targeting customers.

These types of website development skills can not only make your business stand out but they will also maximise your opportunities to secure more clients and grow your brand.

Hiring a professional graphic design agency will help your business grow by creating and maintaining a visual connection for your brand. Cohesive and consistent brand development is more important than you may think to convert more customers.

If you are an Australian business that needs assistance on your next project, then you have come to the right place. Contact our friendly team of design professionals today and we will be happy to discuss your next project!