February 22, 2022
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6 Key Benefits of Professional Website Design

If you are considering designing your own website, you might want to think again. Learn about 6 key benefits of professional website design here.

Ben Roberts, Director of Spacey Studios
Ben Roberts

If you need a website for your business, should you hire a professional to do it for you or should you do it yourself?

The web design services industry in Australia has almost 3,300 businesses. So, it can be challenging to figure out which service provider to count on.

But why pay for website design or graphic design when you can do it yourself? Does it make sense to pay for web design or hire a website development company for services like website or communications design?

While the DIY option might seem like an attractive option on account of the lower cost, it might end up costing you a lot more than you think down the road.

Keep reading to learn about the 6 key benefits of hiring a professional website design agency rather than doing it yourself.

1. Make a Good First Impression With Professional Website Design

Did you know that poor website design is one of the main reasons why people will hastily exit websites?

If people representing your target demographic have a subpar user experience, they’re unlikely to stay on your site for too long. A DIY website design project is unlikely to yield the results you need to attract and retain eyeballs.

According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority, almost all Australian adults — 99%, in fact — have internet access.

Australia has around 26 million people, and 9.1 million households in the country shopped online during the fiscal year 2021. If your business has a website, is it attracting people and turning them into buyers?

If it isn’t, then it’s turning them off and prompting them to look elsewhere. When you hire a professional web design firm, you’ll get a website with impact. It will have an attractive design, be easy to navigate and be properly laid out.

2. Get Web Design and Graphic Design Done Faster

Hiring a creative agency to handle web development and UI design means the project will get done faster than if you DIY. Professionals with years of experience and with knowledge of best practices will know exactly what to do.

Chances are that you have enough on your plate. If you don’t have the expertise, you ought to consider retaining the services of a web development firm. Finding one that’s helped businesses in your industry is your best bet.

Do you know the ins and outs of UI design and UX design? If not, hire a pro. The work will get done faster when a pro is on the job. But the faster pace won’t jeopardise quality. You’ll get what you want — but it won’t take forever.

Let your staff members focus on other key work responsibilities. It’ll be easier and likely more cost-effective if you outsource web design to a reputable creative studio.

3. Professional Website Development Includes Trust Factors

When it comes to developing a website that people patronise, trust factors matter. You can be certain that creative design firms that have a track record of success understand the importance of trust factors.

Trust factors refer to things that ensure a positive reputation for your website.

In addition to adopting an HTTPS platform, you need to include the Trust Seal on your website’s checkout pages. Doing these things will give your visitors confidence that you’re a professional business they can safely transact with.

These features need to be positioned in the right sections throughout your website. By so doing, your site will rank better in search engines.

You can’t overlook the importance of trust factors. Hire a website design agency that understands trust factors and that can properly incorporate them.

4. Get SEO Friendly Site With Website and Communications Design Firm

You should never underestimate the importance of search engine optimization. A website that is SEO friendly will be easy for search engines like Google to crawl through and figure out the content and the structure.

Characteristics that SEO friendly websites contain include the following:

  • Properly formatted URLs
  • Unique descriptions and titles for all the pages on the website
  • Unique content
  • Web pages that load quickly
  • Pictures that are optimised for search engines with effective ALT text and image filenames

It’s best to hire a website development firm to create a professional SEO-friendly website for your company. Trying to do it on your own likely won’t net you the results you want. Get it done right by outsourcing the project.

5. Ongoing Support

When you get a professional website, you’ll want ongoing support. That’s exactly what you’ll get if you hire a reputable web design agency.

It’s not as simple as creating an attractive site and putting it online. You’ll need to update it at different intervals, handle customer support requests, fix bugs that rear their ugly heads from time to time, and more.

Trying to handle support in-house can get costly if you have to hire an IT pro. It’ll be more cost-effective to retain the services of a web development agency. The service provider will handle support so that you can focus on other things.

You can also opt for 24/7 care so that your customers can get the help they need when they need it.

6. Incorporate New Technologies

Hiring a professional website development company means you’ll have help incorporating new technologies into your website. The team assigned to your site will add features as needed to meet the needs of your customers.

You won’t have to worry about falling behind or having an outdated site. Your site will stay fresh as new technologies are adopted. You’ll attract more customers and turn more of them into repeat clients.

Hire a Pro for Website Design

When it comes to establishing an online presence, there’s a lot at stake. If you’re thinking about doing it yourself, think again. Developing a professional website is a serious undertaking. You should hire the pros to get it done right.

If you need website design, graphic design, or brand development, Spacey Studios is here to help. We’re a reputable creative agency based in Cremorne, in the creative hub of Melbourne.

For website development assistance, get in touch to find out how we can help. From web design and graphic design, through to digital marketing, we’re your one-stop studio for all things creative.