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Traditionally, having your advertisement displayed on a billboard would require a large investment; complicated contracts with billboard agents; high print production costs; plus a limited access to the data to see how your billboard is even performing. 

But look, it’s 2021. Things don’t need to be so complicated anymore! 

In partnership with CAASie, we have expanded our digital marketing solutions to include out-of-home (OOH) advertising by offering our clients access to a range of premium billboards, bus stops, retail and other digital signage, all over Australia and the rest of the world – and the best part? It works just like typical digital marketing with a pay-per-play pricing model, so you have complete control over how much you would like to spend on advertising, just like you do with typically social media and Google advertising solutions that you're already familiar with.

Liquid Creative Agency on QMS Digital Billboard in Frankston

Service Inclusions

Out-of-home advertising is great for increasing your brand awareness. Billboards and other digital signage placements can be a great way to reach people when they aren’t on their computer or phones. They’re big, bold and can be seen from afar. 

Your customers aren’t online 100% of the time, so why should your advertising be? 

As a business, you need every opportunity that you can get to reach new customers and continue to expand your operations. In conjunction with your digital marketing plan, this flexible strategy allows you to capture people when they are both online and offline, while running the entire campaign digitally!

Additionally, OOH media often capture people when they have nothing else to do. For example, if somebody is stuck in traffic on their way to or from work, they won’t be on their phones or doing anything else other than focusing on their surroundings. When they see a 12 metre billboard show up in front of their eyes, it’s pretty hard for them to miss seeing what’s on there! 

It’s the perfect solution to diversify your digital advertising strategy with out-of-home & online media. 

We have access to a range of local and international billboards and digital signage, including:

  • Billboards

  • Indoor & Outdoor Retail

  • Fuel & Convenience

  • Chemists & Pharmacies

  • Medical Centres

  • Public Transport

  • Fitness & Gym Facilities

  • Buildings & Elevators

  • And even more!


We understand that each of our clients have different needs, so our pricing is catered directly to your project to maximise the results. Our quotes vary depending on the type of service and campaign, so tell us some more about your needs below and we’ll get back to you within 48 hours (usually even sooner) to discuss the project further.

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