Ringwood Secondary College Website Design

Ringwood Secondary College (RSC), located in the gateway to the Outer Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, is a school of over 1500 students from Years 7 to 12. The College has three sub-schools: Junior, Middle and Senior. There are over a 110 teaching staff at the College led by a team of 4 principal class and 11 leading teachers. The teaching staff is supported by 35 non-teaching staff.

Enrolments have steadily increased and there is strong demand for entry at all year levels. We had the opportunity develop a new website for Ringwood Secondary College as the college continues to grow in the community.

The website was designed to professionally represent the college online, as well as make it an easy access point for forms, documents and college policies for students, parents and staff. The site promotes the college and sub-schools; co-curricular activities; enrolments; news; events; photo galleries; community; and other general information.

By using WordPress, we have built a high-speed, user-friendly website for visitors, as well as a simple interface for admin staff to manage content across the site. We also built-in custom user permissions and controls, so the RSC admin team can provide publishing access to various members of the staff team, while assigning them with various user permissions to enforce pending and pre-approval rules on new content before it goes public.

Furthermore, the website is hosted by Spacey Studios to maintain maximum security and server control when RSC requires additional site upgrades in the future.

When deploying the website in early February 2021, we provided the RSC admin staff with an in-person training session on how to operate different areas of the site.

With the modern design, comprehensive material and a user-friendly WordPress admin interface, the Ringwood Secondary College website has been a significant technological upgrade for the college. We look forward to continuing to provide support for their development needs.

See the full website at: https://www.ringwoodsc.vic.edu.au

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