Digital Advertising for Red Heart Designs, Managed by Spacey Studios

We provide a range of digital advertising services for Red Heart Designs, who are a Melbourne based eCommerce retail company located in the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges region of Victoria. They are specialist suppliers of ethically produced Australian and imported yarns, vintage inspired fabrics and exclusive handicraft patterns and kits. This includes social media advertising across Facebook, Instagram and the Audience Display Network, as well as Google Advertising.

Social Media Advertising on Facebook & Instagram

Throughout a series of campaigns, we lead consumers through the buying process and sales/marketing pipeline to convert them into online sales through the eCommerce website.

This process begins with brand awareness advertising, which introduces relevant consumers to the Red Heart Designs brand and product range. The next stage is through the conversions stage, which is a blend of retargeting, abandoned cart and lookalike audiences to get them back onto the Red Heart Designs website to complete their purchase or return to products that they are interested in.

Additionally, we have some promotional campaigns that advertises special offers to the target audience so they can save on any products that Red Heart Designs is currently discounting. This campaign is updated regularly with new products to avoid creative fatigue on the Facebook and Instagram advertisements.

Google Advertising

With the use of Google Advertising, we have campaigns set-up on the Google Search Network, which provides prospective consumers with direct links to the Red Heart Designs website for the products that they are browsing Google for. With the use of this campaign type, we can ensure that the ads that are being displayed to consumers match the related keywords that people are looking for, when they are browsing.

This method is a highly relevant and effective way of advertising to new customers that may be browsing Google for various suppliers of the same products. When Red Heart Designs appears at the top of search results, we can ensure that consumers are going to see the links to the related products before any other competitors.

Campaign Results & Performance

We have seen consistent growth of the Red Heart Designs sales figures over the past 12 months that we have been working with the company. We continuously monitor the campaign performance to review areas for improvement, and we provide the team with a thorough report about the advertising analytics towards the end of each month.

Throughout these campaigns, we have seen very positive Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) results of up to 800%, as well as strong click-through rates (CTR) and low cost per clicks (CPC). We monitor the industry benchmarks and set out KPIs higher than these benchmarks. So far, we have dominated those industry benchmarks and KPIs month-to-month.

We love working with the Red Heart Designs team and look forward to continuing to see their business flourish even more in the future as we keep on improving their advertising performance.

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