Fitness Outcomes Ecommerce Website Design

Fitness Outcomes is a large Australian retailer that sells high-protein meals to health & fitness conscious consumers. They operate an online store on the Shopify Plus platform and required our web design services to work with them on an ongoing basis to continuously improve and intergrate new functions into their website that increase conversions and improve the user experience.

One of our recent modifications & integrations included adding an order cut off function that draws information from a website visitors’ IP address to pinpoint their postcode and provide them with the relevant time that they need to order by to receive their order by a certain time. For example, Melbourne visitors may see a message that says ‘Order by Thursday 12pm, receive your meals on Friday’.

We also recently developed a wholesale website hosted on a subdomain for retailers to make wholesale purchases directly on their website, saving the sales team from having to manually create and process orders.

You can find their products in Woolworths, IGA, FoodWorks, United Petroleum outlets, plus many more! See here for their full list of stockists.

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to Jan 10 2022

After a busy year with many exciting projects, it's time for our team to kick back and take some time to refresh with family over the new year. We'll be wrapping up for the year on Dec 23rd and will be returning on Monday Jan 10th.

We hope that you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

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