CLE Productions Business Cards for Corey Lucas-Evans

We assisted CLE Productions with the design and printing of new business cards for Corey Lucas-Evans, the founder & director of the business. Corey was unsure of the style that he wanted, so we assisted with the development of ideas for his new cards until he was happy with the final design. We also assisted with the printing of the cards through our print supplier, making it easier for Corey to receive his final product, rather than having to learn about the multitude of different card types, finishes and print styles.

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to Jan 10 2022

After a busy year with many exciting projects, it's time for our team to kick back and take some time to refresh with family over the new year. We'll be wrapping up for the year on Dec 23rd and will be returning on Monday Jan 10th.

We hope that you have a lovely Christmas and New Year!

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