How To Be The Real Deal on Instagram Reels, a blog post by Spacey Studios Marketing Agency in Australia

How To Be The Real Deal on Instagram Reels

25 October 2021

5 Min Read

You’ve launched your business – you have an amazing website, you’ve set up your social media pages, and then along comes Instagram Reels.

What are Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are short, entertaining videos (up to 60 seconds) that you create, edit and share. They are usually made with music or lip syncing audio but are a very versatile option for content creation.

Reels are fast becoming a leading source of advertisement for businesses. It’s not just for big businesses either. Small businesses are blowing up (in a good way) on this relatively new platform. By showcasing their products, sharing tips and advice, showing behind the scenes content and jumping on the latest trends, business owners are interacting with audiences that they may not be reaching on other types of traditional digital marketing channels.

In January 2021, the potential audience on Instagram in Australia was 11 million (Datareportal Digital 2021 Australia Report), which is a huge crowd to potentially market your business to in a fun and on trend way.

So how can you be the real deal on Reels and create content that’s engaging, entertaining and ultimately successful for your business?

Here are some top tips:

Market to your niche

Find your target audience and make Reels that will benefit or interest them. If your business is a mobile dog wash and you create Reels doing the latest on trend dances, then this may not engage your target audience or entice them to interact or follow you.

Instead, a fun alternative to this may be dancing to “Who let the dogs out” and creating your text as “We don’t let any dogs out” along with a few pieces of information about your safety procedures when dog washing.

This is more effective because it’s still fun (which is what Reels are all about) but it also offers value to your target audience.

Do some research

If you’re just getting started on Reels or you’ve been creating them for a while but they’re just not performing very well, then maybe some research is needed.

The easiest and most productive way to do this is by asking your followers what they’d like you to share with them? This can be done with an Instagram story question box or as a post with comments.

The other way you can gauge what type of content your followers are most interested in is by checking comments and questions on your previous posts and stories. Are there certain frequently asked questions you could answer as a Reel? Or maybe there’s a specific topic or type of post that people engage with most.

Once you know what your target audience want to see or know about your business, you’ll be able to convert it into #winning content for your Reels.

Stay within your brand style

If dancing and lip syncing are not in line with your brand style, don’t do it. Find a way to make Reels work for you. There are many different options to make and edit a Reel including movie trailer type videos showcasing products as well as motivational music to share information. Find what works best for you and your brand.

Use trending audio

One of the best ways to ensure your Reel performs well is by picking trending audio. You can search for trending audio on Reels too which makes this process a whole lot easier.

Listen to the nature and words of the audio and think about if there’s a way you can make this into a Reel that resonates with your brand. A fantastic resource for this is looking at Reels from other businesses. This will give you different ideas and show you other opportunities to market to your audience.

Make more of your best performing Reels

If there’s some of your Reels that have performed much better than others (views, comments, likes) then keep posting those types of Reels.

It might be that your audience engages more when you’re featured in your Reels, or maybe when you share tips or advice, or possibly when you introduce new staff members. Whatever the type of content it is, try to find new ways of creating Reels that deliver this type of information.

Incorporating Reels into your digital marketing strategy may be an integral part of your brand’s exposure. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can assist with your social media content.

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